Catering service

Bistro Alégria offers a private catering service for your events in the Ottawa and Gatineau area! Add Latin flavours to your celebrations of all kinds, your office events and more. Explore our menu, let us know your dietary restrictions and the number of guests. We will take care of the rest. Contact us for a quote today.

Cold Canapés

$24 per dozen

  1. Mexican shrimp cocktail

  2. Cheese-stuffed ripe banana plantain

  3. Peruvian-style tilapia ceviche

  4. Goat cheese, mango and pistachio balls

  5. Goat cheese, papaya and coconut balls

  6. Heart of palm ceviche (vegetarian)

  7. Costar Rican chorizo, pico de gallo and guacamole

  8. Caribbean-style salmon, avocado salsa

  9. Chicken mini skewers with house aioli

  10. Lobster and pollock vol-au-vent

  11. Cream cheese and passion fruit mousse tartlet

  12. Three colour cherry tomato mini skewers with white cheese dip

  13. Alegría ceviche with salmon, shrimp and jicama

  14. Mexican-style beef tartar

  15. Tiger shrimp sautéed with garlic and served with house aioli

  16. Small cup of exotic fruit

Warm Canapés

$24 per dozen

  1. Chicken mini skewers with house aioli

  2. Beef mini skewers with chimichurri

  3. Tiger shrimp sautéed with garlic

  4. Beef or chicken empanadas

  5. Cheese-and-beef-stuffed ripe plantain

  6. Cheese-stuffed ripe plantain

  7. Chorizo with cheese, pico de gallo and guacamole

  8. Tostones with picadillo and avocado salsa

  9. Tropical paella canapés

  10. Caribbean-style salmon with avocado salsa

  11. Llapingacho – cheese-stuffed potato balls

  12. Egg- or cheese-stuffed beef meatballs with chipotle salsa

  13. Chicken or pork tostaditas

  14. Arepitas with pulled beef

  15. Beef or chicken crispy taquitos

  16. Churros Alegría